Kuliouou Ridge Trail

During our trip around the US, we traveled to multiple national parks, in which I always wish I had better physical abilities to fully explore the nature. I kept telling myself that I would start exercising and hiking regularly once I get back to the island.

Well, that didn't happen. I tried, but we had to jump into Bun Me's opening preparation. 3 months straight of 12-plus-hour work everyday, left me with no additional energy.

Gladly, things finally settled down, and we found some time for ourselves. So we went for a hike that we have been eager to finish. Yes, it is the Kuliouou Ridge Trail, on Valentine's Day. ━━━━=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ

Two lines of trees in the middle of the trail

The signature steps of Kuliouou ridge

It took us 2 hours to climb to the top. We made quite a bit of picture stops for birds, plants and other things. The vegetation changes along the way as we go up, which really makes for a fun trip. We also enjoyed the view after we reached the end of the trail, only wish that we had brought a second camera, or a telephoto lens.

As my leg muscles are still sore from the hike, we are happy that we finally did a hike after many months since the US trip. And hopefully many more to come. (ง `ω´)ง 

The view at the end of the trail

Following the light